IAG - Independent Advisory Groups

What are they?

One of the most important recommendations to come out of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report was the proposal that the Police use independent advisors when dealing with issues defined as Critical.

What are the IAG'S?

They are a group of people with a range of experience and expertise. They reflect the variety of communities within a particular area, so that the Police can request advice from them, when dealing with Critical incidents.

What is the role of the IAG?

The aim is to be a critical friend to the police. By providing independent advice, and/or scrutiny, on all aspects of policing that impacts on communities. To also develop feelings of trust, confidence and openness between, community members and the Police. They do this through open and frank discussions.

Who are the members of an IAG?

They are people who either live or work in Greater Manchester. Appointed because of their expertise and knowledge of the community they belong to, rather than any relationship they may have with police officers. The age range of current IAG members is mid twenties to mid seventies and come from all walks of life.

How are they chosen?

Advisors are recruited and interviewed to ensure they meet the essential criteria. It is vital that they are seen to be independent and that they are clear as to their roles and responsibilities.

Are my details confidential?

Details are not given to the general public but the police need to have the ability to contact Advisors, so hold advisors contact details in a secure place.

How are IAG's funded?

They are jointly funded by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMPA), but as Members are volunteers this allows them still to operate independent of influence.

Do IAG members get paid?

Advisors of the strategic IAG work on a voluntary basis. However for each meeting you attend you will receive a set amount to cover expenses. E.g. Travel costs, child/dependent care, use of mobile phone etc.

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