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Migrant Workers North West is recognised as a valuable step forward in protecting the rights of migrant workers and assisting in their integration into wider society. It was set up as a response to the many cases of exploitation, reported by trade unions in the North West, against migrant workers in the region."

The tragedy of the Morecambe Bay cockle-pickers is the most severe example of such cases, but other examples have also attracted considerable publicity. A group of Polish workers, employed by an agency in a Rochdale warehouse on conditions far worse than those promised faced many unlawful deductions from their wages and had been forced to live in unacceptable accommodation.

Established as a Limited Company, with charitable objects, and a small team of Project Workers, the organisation's aim is to collate and promote "best practice" in the employment of migrant workers and the provision of support to migrant worker communities. Migrant Workeras' North West is supported by leading businesses, organisations and agencies.

Many companies however have been trying to apply "best practice" in the employment of migrant workers, providing positive help and advice - but, with no regional co-ordination of their activities and no central reference point through which help and advice could be sought.

Migrant Workers North West aims to make contact with all involved employers and migrant worker communities, encouraging them to make use of a comprehensive directory of available services and providing referrals to the agencies, colleges and bodies which can best provide solutions across the region. We recognises the need to convince our existing workforce, and the public generally, that the best way to protect collective interests is by specifically protecting migrant workers. However, the main aim is to make sure that migrant workers are able to make their proper contribution to the North West economy whilst also being protected from exploitation and enjoying the quality of life for which the North West is, quite properly, famous.
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