Workers Registration Scheme

From May 1 2004, most nationals of the new member states (except Cyprus and Malta) who wish to work for more than one month for an employer in the UK need to register under the Worker Registration Scheme.

Once you have been working legally in the UK for 12 months without a break you will have full rights of free movement and will no longer need to register on the Worker Registration scheme. You can then get a residence permit confirming your right to live and work in the UK.

If you have already registered on the Worker Registration Scheme, and have been working in the UK for 12 months, you may now wish to apply for a residence permit. Further information is available on the Immigration and Nationality Directorate website on You should apply using form EEA1 . If you need further information, please contact the Immigration and Nationality Enquiry Bureau on 0870 606 7766.
How do I apply? How should I pay?

You should complete application form WRS giving your name, address, date of birth, nationality and your employment details. The charge for a first application is £90. You must fill in the payment slip on the application form. Those making multiple applications are now able to make one payment to cover the full cost of the total number of applications being submitted using our new multiple payment slip. A maximum of 25 applications can be submitted with one payment. Please note, you still need to fill in a separate WRS form for each person registering on the scheme.
To get Worker Registration Scheme application forms and multiple payment slips telephone 08705 210 224
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