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Information and Advice on health and safety in the workplace- GMHC can provide information on the law, your rights, scientific and technical details and advice on how to tackle problems on health and safety in your workplace. This service is free to workers, safety reps and community groups in the NorthWest. Contact us by telephone, letter or e-mail but give you full postal address, as we may have to send things to you.

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre
Organising and campaigning against hazards at work
Windrush Millennium Centre
70 Alexandra Road
Manchester M16 7WD

Tel 0161 636 7557

Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group

GMAVSG is a not-for-profit organisation established by asbestos victims to provide advice, information and support for people with asbestos-related diseases.

Asbestos diseases now claim about 5,000 lives per year. Some 1,800 people die from mesothelioma each year and the number of people affected by mesothelioma will increase until about 2015.

Many people suffer from asbestos-related diseases which are not life-threatening. For example, the asbestos-related diseases asbestosis and pleural thickening are 'benign' diseases: they are not cancers.

This site is dedicated to providing some basic information about asbestos diseases and the benefits, compensation and support that people with asbestos-related diseases, and their families, can get.

If you have an asbestos disease you are entitled to specific benefits because your disease will usually have been caused by your work. You may also be entitled to claim compensation from an employer who exposed you to asbestos, or to state compensation.

We hope that this web site is helpful in identifying your entitlements and the support and assistance you can get from our support group and other support groups throughout the country.

Please contact us if you think we could provide more information on this web site for people with asbestos-related diseases.

Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support



Suite 32, 2nd Floor, Oriel Building,
14 Water Street, Liverpool L2 8TD.

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4.30pm
Phone: 0151-236 1895.

Health and Safty Executive
The Health and Safety Commission is responsible for health and safety regulation in Great Britain. The Health and Safety Executive and local government are the enforcing authorities who work in support of the Commission.

Our mission is to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.

We look after health and safety in nuclear installations and mines, factories, farms, hospitals and schools, offshore gas and oil installations, the safety of the gas grid and the movement of dangerous goods and substances, and many other aspects of the protection both of workers and the public. Local authorities are responsible to HSC for enforcement in offices, shops and other parts of the services sector.

HSE Infoline - 0845 345 0055

Your first point of contact with HSE

Infoline is a 'one-stop' shop for fast rapid access to a wealth of health and safety information, expert advice and guidance.
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