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'Your community, your police' is the key for policing in Greater Manchester. Community policing is central to everything that is done by the officers and staff of Greater Manchester Police.
Area based policing teams have been developed throughout the county providing a local contact for all community policing issues. An Inspector who is responsible for improving the quality of life in their neighbourhood heads the teams.
The teams are extremely knowledgeable about the areas they police and work closely with other agencies including the local council. The aim is for the teams to really understand what the problems affecting their community are by involving local people. They then work with local people and partner agencies to develop action plans to make a difference.
All policing Divisions within Greater Manchester Police have been reviewed to ensure they are structured to provide this local policing service. Officers are now being put back into the heart of communities, and are able to respond to community concerns. The work takes the best parts of the community beat officers work and brings it up to date.
Details of who your community Inspector is and how they can be contacted are being publicised in your local area.
If you have information that could help fight crime in Greater Manchester use the feedback form on the website or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
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