Transport & General Workers' Union

The Transport & General Workers' Union section of Unite is one of the biggest organisations representing workers in the North West. The Union specifically represents Migrant and European Workers in all the main industries in the Region - including farming and food processing; building and construction; buses, taxis, road haulage and airports; hospitals and cleaning services; textiles; and hotels, restaurants and bars. We already look after around 5,000 Migrant and European Workers in the North West.

The Union has successfully fought against exploitation of Migrant and European Workers by ensuring that they should be treated "no less favourably" than the existing workforce - since the T&GWU believes that the whole workforce should be treated fairly.

The T&GWU has a specific Organising Unit which can give help and advice to workers who are thinking about joining the Union The Unit regularly produces information in a wide range of languages, as well as having its own multilingual specialists. The Unit also has particularly strong links with Polish workers in the Region, both through its own work and also through its support for the North West TUC Polish Workers' Project.

The Union's Education Department has its own specialists dealing with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in workplaces, and has developed a real expertise for arranging ESOL courses designed to suit the needs of particular industries.

The T&GWU can be contacted through.....
  • Organising Unit (Mick Cashman)
  • Education Department (Ann McCall)
  • Regional Office - 0161 848 0909
  • National website -
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