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High quality provider of ESOL courses and provide training to migrant workers in the Bolton area. Bolton Community College can provide English language classes for employers and workers either on or off site.

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Nursery Education

Pre-school education is not mandatory in the United Kingdom, however a child can voluntarily attend a local education authority nursery from age 3. The places are funded by Nursery Education grants which will ocver most of the ost of the nursery. The grant will be paid directly to the nursery upikn registration so you will not need to worry about paying the nursery.

If your child is under 3 you will have to pay for any childcare

How to enrol:
  • A place at a nursery or playschool is not automatic. You must register by filling out an application form. The closing date for all applications is January and children can start nursery from that September.
  • It is best to apply early for a place at a nursery as there is a lot of competition for places. It is also important that you select more than 1 preference for a nursery place on the application form as some places may be oversubscribed.

For further advice and a list of public and private nurseries contact your Local Authorities Education department or

Day care providers
Playgroups provide part time places for children. Usually up to three hours a day.

You may wish to take your child to a child care provider that is nearest you, but with limited places this may not be possible to do. Use the contact list of childcare providers on your Local Authority website to check availability, cost and opening times of each provider

Mandatory education
Children aged between 5 and 16 are legally obliged to attend school. If they do not do so their parents can be prosecuted and the child forced back into education.

Primary Schools

Between the ages of 5 and 11 children attend primary school and between 12 and 16 they attend secondary school.

If you move to an area and know which school you would like your child to attend you can contact the head teacher directly. If there is availability the child will usually be admitted. If you are unsure of which school you would like your child to attend you can obtain independent rankings of all the schools in the area, you can arrange to visit schools and ask questions about their educational attainment or you can contact your local authority education department for more information.

If you need to arrange schooling in your area contact the Local Authority. For an A-Z of local councils

In many schools it is mandatory to wear school uniform. The school will be able to tell you where it is appropriate for you to purchase a uniform for your child. If you need assistance buying the uniform the Local Authority may be able to assist.

Secondary Schools

Between the ages of 11 and 16 children attend secondary schools. In their final year they take an exam containing 7-9 subjects called a GCSE. Much like primary schools before you apply for your child to attend secondary school you can contact the head teacher and request a tour of the school.

Further Education

Sixth form/college

Children wishing to continue study can voluntarily attend courses at college or pursue their A-Levels at Sixth form or at colleges of higher education. A-Levels are undertaken over two years, usually between 16 and 18 and regularly result in children applying for university.


Learndirect operates a network of online learning centres all over the UK. With over 1,350 learndirect centres to help you with your local learning needs and over 900,000 courses from UK providers, Learndirect is a flexible learning tool. The learndirect Advice now service offers a free careers and guidance service to help you reshape your future and learndirect Business offers a wide range of courses and services that assists business training needs. With the majority of courses being online they allow you to learn wherever you have access to the internet

Learndirect is an organisation that can provide free advice on English language learning in your area.

For further information call the helpline on: 0800 100900 or visit

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